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At Gold Coast Hypnotherapy we do things a little differently. We believe why just deal with one issue at a time when we can deal with everything at once. The technique we use has been tested and proven for over 45 years and the results are astonishing.

Hypnotherapy is a completely natural state of relaxation where you feel completely comfortable and safe. It is a pathway for the subconscious mind to gain 100% focussed concentration. Many times throughout the day we are in a daydream like state, for example watching TV, reading a book or even driving your car – do you sometimes get to your destination without remembering the drive there?

This is completely natural and we use this relaxed state to get into the deepest part of your own subconscious mind.

During your time with me I will deal with all your areas of concern by going even deeper into your subconscious mind through regression therapy. This is usually either a concern or feeling from childhood or even a previous life that your subconscious can unlock.

Here we can determine the cause of the problem, acknowledge it and provide you with instantaneous relief. The whole process is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We prefer one session but understand everyone is an individual with different circumstances. Therefore flexible session plans and payment options are available upon request.

How long have you been holding onto these issues and are you ready to let them go or relieve them? Allow yourself the time and freedom to heal your body and relieve your mind. Take back your life today.


“Hi John, just want to say a big thank you for your help. It has been  4 months now since I saw you and I have not touched a smoke since leaving your office. I feel so much better for it and I know I will never need one again. You made it very easy for me and I am very grateful, thanks” Nicky – Gold Coast

“I had a session in December with John and I absolutely believed John helped and guided me through some self healing … I also had one big bad habit and one major fear that was controlling me and I have not have lapsed since and nor am I scared any more … what do you have to lose but some controlling limitations? … and gain some pretty amazing insights too. John is genuine in his want to help people, it’s almost beyond his control, he has to help. Thank you John”  Ebonny – Gold Coast

“My session with John was amazing! What really stood out for me was John’s facilitation of the process! I felt safe and had total trust in him. Why? Because of his integrity and wholehearted intention to enable a positive outcome for me. The results are still flowing…” Dr Kerry A. Baxter, PHD – QLD

“I came to see John through a recommendation from a friend, I thought out of curiosity it would be interesting to explore my past lives and to see what came up.  From the beginning John made me feel very comfortable and safe, explaining the process clearly and exactly what the session would entail.  I was completely blown away from what came out during the regression, I am quite a visual person and to me it was like watching a movie of myself in a far of time in a far off land.  

The memories I recalled were so clear, I could feel the emotions of that time, the sounds, the smell.. it completely exceeded my expectations.  Through my session with John I was able to make a clear connection between the challenges in my past life and the challenges I am facing in my current reality.  The regression also shone light on the past lives of my soul family ie.mother, father, brother & sister and how these souls are entwined.  

I now understand so much more about my personality, my trauma and fears… since the session many more aspects have come to light and like a jig saw puzzle the pieces continue to fall together.  

I cannot thank you enough John, for the insight you have provided me, for the healing that this has allowed and for the gift of being able to see that we are never alone. A life changing experience and something that I would recommend to anyone willing to look a little deeper.” Kirstin – QLD

“Thanks John. Everything makes so much sense to me, from that past life regression and it was so much fun” Michelle – QLD

“Once again, thank you so much for the session it really was life changing and has propelled me into action of making changes. I am embracing all the challenges the universe is sending my way, and they are coming thick and fast.” KT – Gold Coast

Gold Coast Hypnotherapy іn located in the heart оf thе Gold Coast. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with all of your Hypnotherapy needs!

Feel free to explore our website and contact us at 0415-305-050 or email us at

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