Best Stop Smoking Hypnosis In Robina

by Hypnotherapy Gold Coast, August 25, 2018

Best Stop Smoking Hypnosis In Robina.

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Can Hypnosis Help You Stop Smoking?

Top-down processing might help explain the phenomenon. In a nutshell, all the sensory information that we collect is sent to the brain – touch, smell, feelings, sights. The raw sensory data is carried to the brain, where it is used to create a conscious impression. Here, the brain shapes emotions and feelings and delivers a response.

In other words, the mind receives the stress signal, it thinks about what’s happening, and then creates a response that’s based on those thoughts.

It’s this process that makes quitting smoking so difficult.

Subconscious thoughts influence our top-down responses. For example, you might associate smoking as a stress reliever, and therefore, your natural response to stress might be to light up.

The key to quitting smoking is all about gaining top-down control – eliminating the automatic response to stimuli that’s keeping your addiction in place.

How Hypnosis Can Help You Quit: An Overview

One theory of why hypnosis works for nicotine addiction: It provides us the ability to reframe our top-down thoughts.

When you experience stimuli that may cause a craving, the mind already has associations in place that influence the response. You feel stress. The stress triggers thoughts of smoking as a stress reliever. And you react.

But hypnosis helps you get to a frame of mind in which you alter these negative thought processes.

How? Well, during hypnosis, you following relaxation and breathing techniques to reach a trance-like state. This frame of mind is similar to daydreaming; you’re aware, but at the same time, the mind is disconnected.

CALL 0415 305 050, to Stop Smoking Hypnosis In Robina.

While in the trance-state, your mind is much more open to suggestions. It’s detached from the critical, conscious mind – the part of the mind that’s constantly looking for reasons to stay a smoker.

Therefore, a hypnotherapist can provide you with more positive suggestions that “stick.” In other words, you’re setting up roadblocks for the automatic, top-down processes that are keeping the addiction in place. So when you experience a smoking trigger, the mind doesn’t automatically react – it slows down and “listens” to this new information you’ve provided.

Reframing Your Subconscious Thoughts

Our subconscious thoughts are powerful and they form our perceptions. This explains why the phenomenon of the placebo effect occurs – our subconscious tells us it will work. And through top-down processing, we send that information back down.

Hypnosis works in a similar fashion. We’re providing our minds with new, more accurate information about smoking.

Hypnotic suggestions – those delivered while in the trance state – might focus on how habits are automatic responses to thoughts and that we have complete control over our thoughts. Or you might be given suggestions that reframe the smell of cigarette smoke, i.e.

  • It smells like burning plastic
  • Smoking is poison
  • You need your body to live
  • You should respect your body and protect it
  • Bottom line, if you’re ready to quit, hypnosis can help

CALL 0415 305 050, to Stop Smoking Hypnosis In Robina.


Best Stop Smoking Hypnosis In Robina

Best Stop Smoking Hypnosis In Robina

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