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Our mission at Gold Coast Hypnotherapy is to help you maintain a high quality of life by keeping you happy, healthy and pain free. 

Past Life Regression, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking & Clinical Hypnotherapy Gold Coast

We have quick and easy solutions for Stop smoking, Weight loss, Anxiety, Depression, Sugar addiction, Body pain, Confidence, Unexplained emotional issues, Auto immune disease, Phobias and fears, nail biting, PTSD, Past life regression, Relationship issues.

Even if you have all of the above we have a solution for you.

We offer 2 hour Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions or a full day QHHT Hypnotherapy session.

Please feel free to call or text John on 0415-305-050 for a free no obligation consultancy to see if what I can offer will help you move forward in your life.


“Hi John, just want to say a big thank you for your help. It has been  4 months now since I saw you and I have not touched a smoke since leaving your office. I feel so much better for it and I know I will never need one again. You made it very easy for me and I am very grateful, thanks” Nicky – Gold Coast

“I had a session in December with John and I absolutely believed John helped and guided me through some self healing … I also had one big bad habit and one major fear that was controlling me and I have not have lapsed since and nor am I scared any more … what do you have to lose but some controlling limitations? … and gain some pretty amazing insights too. John is genuine in his want to help people, it’s almost beyond his control, he has to help. Thank you John”  Ebonny – Gold Coast

“My session with John was amazing! What really stood out for me was John’s facilitation of the process! I felt safe and had total trust in him. Why? Because of his integrity and wholehearted intention to enable a positive outcome for me. The results are still flowing…” Dr Kerry A. Baxter, PHD – QLD

“I came to see John through a recommendation from a friend, I thought out of curiosity it would be interesting to explore my past lives and to see what came up.  From the beginning John made me feel very comfortable and safe, explaining the process clearly and exactly what the session would entail.  I was completely blown away from what came out during the regression, I am quite a visual person and to me it was like watching a movie of myself in a far of time in a far off land.  

The memories I recalled were so clear, I could feel the emotions of that time, the sounds, the smell.. it completely exceeded my expectations.  Through my session with John I was able to make a clear connection between the challenges in my past life and the challenges I am facing in my current reality.  The regression also shone light on the past lives of my soul family ie.mother, father, brother & sister and how these souls are entwined.  

I now understand so much more about my personality, my trauma and fears… since the session many more aspects have come to light and like a jig saw puzzle the pieces continue to fall together.  

I cannot thank you enough John, for the insight you have provided me, for the healing that this has allowed and for the gift of being able to see that we are never alone. A life changing experience and something that I would recommend to anyone willing to look a little deeper.” Kirstin – QLD

“Thanks John. Everything makes so much sense to me, from that past life regression and it was so much fun” Michelle – QLD

“Once again, thank you so much for the session it really was life changing and has propelled me into action of making changes. I am embracing all the challenges the universe is sending my way, and they are coming thick and fast.” KT – Gold Coast

Weight Loss Therapy

Would you like to lose 5 kgs or maybe 55 kgs? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? How long has this been an issue for you? Have you tried other methods with no long term success? Do you have any aches, pains or stress that you would like to relieve as well? Don’t want to eat rabbit food? Don’t want a personal trainer yelling at you? Don’t want to join a gym and not be able to move the next day? Tried every diet known with no long term success? We also believe why just stop at weight, why not relieve stress, pains or even anxiety.

Physical Pain Therapy

Do you suffer from a disease, migraines or have physical pain in the body? We unlock the deepest part of the subconscious mind to start the healing process and alleviate pain. How long have you been suffering? The results are astonishing with clients feeling significantly better. Most common issues we help with are; Cancer, Headaches / Migraines
Back / Neck / Shoulder Pain, Liver / Kidney Problems, Diabetes, Auto Immune Disease. How long has these been an issue for you? Our clients are having amazing results in just 1 session

Stop Smoking Therapy

Stop smoking/marijuana/gambling. Are you ready to quit your addiction? Think of how much money you will save every month/year when you do stop. What would you do with that money? Do you want to stop for health or family reasons? Have you tried to stop before but gone back to it for some reason? Do you have any stress or aches or pains you would like to relieve at the same time? If you are a smoker wanting to stop but are worried about cravings or withdrawals, don’t be, many of our clients don’t have any at all or have very minimal.

Fears/Phobias Therapy

Do you have a fear of something? How long have you had this fear and does it stop you from doing something you really want to do? Whatever your fears are they can be a terrible experience and even though the conscious mind knows logically you may not be harmed or hurt, the fear can just stop you in your tracks instantly. Do you feel a physical pain even thinking of your fear? Maybe sick to the stomach? We find out where the fear very first came from and simply ‘unlock’ what it truly is so you will never fear it again.

Depression Therapy

1 in 3 woman and 1 in 5 men suffer from anxiety and/or depression in Australia. My clients are getting AMAZING results. My clients are leaving feeling calm and in control, whereas before my session they would feel anxious or even have panic attacks or suffer deep depression. Are you on medication but just feel numb or maybe addicted to them and want to get off them? Maybe you have seen a psychologist but you still have it? Do you have a plan for when the anxiety sets in? We can help you, call us to learn how.

Relationship Therapy

Do you need to get an ex-partner out of your head? Have you been through a painful divorce and want to move on? Are you scared to get into a relationship or maybe scared to get out of a relationship? Have you had a broken heart before and are scared it will happen again? Does it seem like you are attracting the same people over and over again? Are you attracted to the same physical features but the person just isn’t right for you? Do you want to know if your true soul mate is out there or if your partner is the one?

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